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Hello! It’s great to hear from you!

Please leave a comment or a suggestion for a video.

4 Replies to “Comments”

  1. Hi;

    I liked your website so much as its very helpful. But I think that it will be better if you set all the sub-links for all the videos in a context page that you got to make it easy for the observers.

    1. Hi Rehab

      Yes, I’m planning to do that so that you can sort by category e.g. movies, advice, graduation speeches, etc.

      But in the meantime click on the Posts and Tags link and I think it might help.

      This is only the beginning!


  2. I love the video Sharjah outpost 1937, I work with the Sharjah Institute for heritage, and was wondering if you have vintage videos of Sharjah in those years, they would really help me in my work, I would be honored if you could post more of those if you have any. Thank you.

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