Jack Nicholson: Why can’t we all just get along? 1996: ‘Mars Attacks’

In the 1996 movie ‘Mars Attacks’ Jack Nicholson asks the question which was made famous by Rodney King. “Why can’t we all just get along?” The complete transcript is available here.

Why… are you doing this? Why? Isn’t the universe big enough… for both of us? Ha ha ha ha. What is wrong with you people?

We could work together. Why be enemies? Because we’re different? Is that why?

Think of the things that we could do.

Think how strong we would be. Earth… and Mars… Together.

There is nothing that we could not accomplish. Think about it. Think about it.

Why destroy… when you can create? We can have it all, or we can smash it all.

Why can’t we… work out our differences? Why can’t we… work things out?

Little people… why can’t we all just… get along?


What’s this?

Ack! Ack ack! Ack ack!