Learning English

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There are a lot of ways you can use the videos to learn English. You can…

  • listen (…duh!)
  • take notes
  • summarize
  • pause, repeat
  • copy the accent
  • act it out
  • discuss the topic with friends or classmates
  • look up words in a dictionary
  • translate passages the old way
  • translate words and passages using Google Translate
  • print out some paragraphs or the whole video transcript and then use the website at http://l.georges.online.fr/tools/cloze.html to make gap-fill exercises (cut and paste, click on Interactive and fill them in as you listen
  • make beautiful word clouds with Wordle
  • find other speeches or clips by the same speakers or actors and make a gorgeous fan page at www.scoop.it
  • The site YouSpeakIt has an interesting tool for learners: you can repeat and loop while listening to selected videos on their site. It’s a paid service.
  • more…

Suggest some of your own uses on our comment page.

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